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My Take On Obama Smoking

So I was checking out my homepage today and I found this article: http://www.politicsdaily.com/2009/08/11/arizona-gop-runs-doctored-cigarette-photo-of-president-obama/21#c20827494 . It's a photo showing President Obama smoking. I left a comment for the very first time and I felt inclined to put it up here too. There was a lot of trash talking and stupidity going around and I really just had to have my opinions' two cents' worth in it so I chose to provide my oh so insightful commentary into the mix.


8:38PM Aug 11th 2009

Honestly I don't see why there is so much fighting about this. I admit I'm not the most politically informed person (I'm fourteen) but it suprises me how many atacks and how much hostility come from BOTH parties, Republican and Democratic. Personally I lean toward the democrats but I can undertstand republican frustration.

It does seem to me like President Obama hasn't done much during his first few months in office. I'm hoping he'll get to coming through with his promises later on, although I would much prefer it if we could all present our points and battle it out in a mature and less aggresive way. I'm not against people who dislike President Obama because of his actions (or lack of) thus far, or even his beliefs. I myself am not very religious but I try my hardest to respect those who are even if I don't agree with them. We can't change the way other people think, but we can learn to tolerate it and at least reach some form of understanding.

I am, however, against those who shout RACIST at every oppurtunity. I agree with some other peoples' comments about it being overused and degrading to those who do suffer through real racism. It's certainly true that there are people who don't like President Obama because of the color of his skin, but it's not true for everyone nor should it be assumed to be.

I realize of course that some things are harder to agree on than others (like gay marriage rights and abortion and such) but we should still try to be grown up about it (ironic, I know, coming from someone my age). I hate seeing the ignorance and lack of education that supposedly adult and mature people show regarding some of these topics (not everyone, of course, because I strongly agree with some of the comments around here).

If there are people shouting to either kick out or keep President Obama then I'd much rather hear the people who have valid and thought-out complaints or support instead of hateful lies and a bag full of unconfirmed media rumours. I don't care if I don't agree with them. It doesn't help to blame and point fingers when you could be figuring out a way to stop the collapse of our quickly-crumbling economy. I love America and I hate the stereotypes that other countries believe about us, yet I'm dissapointed to see that we're not doing much to prove them otherwise. This country was based on good beliefs and hardworking men and women who fought for their independance, not idiots stuffed up with so much pride that they can't admit to their own faults and mistakes.

Lastly, I don't care if President Obama smokes or not as long as it's not affecting the way he's leading us. If he's so high he can't see straight enough to read the latest bill then we should start worrying.

It's not so politically informative as some of the other comments out there (I'm just a kid, dude :P) but I think it's pretty okay and a lot more appropriate compared with some of the insults that I saw. It's sort of hopeful, but I'm a dreamer too and it wouldn't hurt for people to try a little peace every once in a while, right?




Giiirrrlll what do u mean "kinda" ranty and long? ahaha that was a page worth of GENIUS!!

haha i wish i CARED about politics like u do, but noo...