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My Day - #4

1. Woke up... sorta. I was on and off for a few hours. I didn't really wake up 'til like noon. :P Believe it or not that is my average waking-up time for the whole summer. I go to sleep pretty late... usually I fall into bed at around midnight. From there I shuffle all of my songs and play solitaire on my iPod for maybe a half hour. When my ears start to hurt I turn my iPod off and lie awake for a little while longer just thinking and trying to get comfy. Once I do go to sleep I have the weirdest dreams.

 In fact, while we're on that topic I don't remember last nights' dream, but I remember a Barnes & Noble that sold collectible alcohol shots, (Is that what you call them? Those little glass cups that you drink alcohol from.) a weird parking lot of sorts with traditional Japanese/Mexican dancing, and my mom finding out I had had a boyfriend. O_o As weird as that may sound there, I'm pretty sure my dream was weirder. As of now I have no explanation for why I would have those dreams other than I was just really tired.

Well actually, the thing about the shots makes some sense. My sister collects them. She's younger than me but we had a few lying around and we've bought some from places we've been to recently so she started her little collection. I very creatively put them on display on our my wall using three push pins and a large red shoe box. :) Mom said they were going to break and that I should take them down but she was WRONG!!! So far only one has none have broken. Yesterday my sister added like five new shots to her collection 'cause Crisol brought her some from his recent road trip. So that might explain that. It was probably a Barnes & Noble shot  'cause I wanted it to be. :P

The Japanese/Mexican dancing was probably because I was listening to Japanese music before going to sleep. I say Japanese/Mexican because I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be Japanese but it looked more Mexican because that's the only dancing my mind could conjure up. O_o The boyfriend stuff might have something to do with my own secret fear.

...I actually remember a few more details of that dream that might shed some light on that last part but I'd rather not say...

2. I ate. (Cereal/instant noodles has been my diet this summer.)

3. I... idk what I did. I think I fixed my journal layout on LJ. It took HOURS but it worked!!! :D

4. I cleaned the bathroom. Gross I know but my mom made me do it and I think she's gonna regret it once she finds out I can't really do it. (I don't think she knows I was close to flooding the bathroom 'cause I cleaned it up. ...Okay I exagerate but there was a lot of water on the floor. Plus I destroyed that powder stuff she uses to clean the tub 'cause I filled it with water accidentally. But now it's a nice cleaning paste!! :D)

5. I showered and ate. (I WAS STARVING!!!)

6. I did this. :P And I'm IM-ing (Idk how u would really spell it.) Ines on MySpace too... ^_^

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